Seek Outside Medium Titanium Wood Stove & Stovepipe

Stoves add comfort, the ability to dry gear, and gives cold weather trips an element of enjoyment and fun that is lacking without the stove. They allow you to go to bed warm and dry, and to warm up first thing in the morning. They can also extend or replace cooking fuel weight.

They don’t however, replace sleeping gear insulation. The stoves burn hot and fast, but to keep the temps up they need to be fed regularly. So if you have a forecast for 0° then you should have a 0° rated bag, unless you want to stay up all night stoking the fire.

Longer burn times require larger wood. If you prep larger wood you can get through the night with 3-4 stokings. In our opinion a good beefy knife for batoning rounds and a good quality folding or lightweight saw are all the tools you need for wood prep, and are superior to a hatchet or axe for most users.

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Seek Outside stoves are cut, bent, and built with computer-controlled equipment to ensure precise and uniform dimensions. Feel secure in knowing that our stoves are the highest quality of their type, with tight tolerances that control airflow through the firebox and materials that will last through years of tough use.

We design our stoves to be a blend of strength, durability, ease of use, heat transfer, and weight. Titanium is very light, tough, and handles high heat loads very well.

Our stoves feature a front intake control, tight tolerances, and a functional damper that allows you to easily control airflow through the firebox. The flat-top makes cooking a breeze. Our stoves are built well enough that if you’re good with your fire starting you can have a cup of boiling water only 6-7 minutes after lighting the flame.

Medium Stove ships with:
-Stove box (front, back, sides, top, bottom, door)
-Legs & hardware needed to assemble
-Intake control
-Spark arrestor
-Zippered storage bag


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  • Burn Chamber 8.25″ Tall / 8.25″ Wide / 10″ long 
  • Height with legs 12 inches 
  • Weight of Stove including Damper, legs, hardware, and Storage bag, is 31 oz.
  • Stovepipe weighs 2 oz per foot
  • Made in CO, USA